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How much does a concrete in ground pool cost

Jul 04

How much does a concrete in ground pool cost

One of the most popular questions we receive is:

How much does a concrete in ground pool cost to build?

And the answer to that question isn’t easy.    Some builders quote out their pools “stripped down” so although  the upfront price is low, you have to spend $10,000 or more on other items required to complete your pool such as:

  • Permits
  • Grading Plan
  • Engineering
  • Water delivery
  • Electrician and electrical hook up
  • Gas hook up
  • Fence
  • Decking
  • Rock extraction
  • Chemicals

We have always felt that it is best to be upfront about pool costs and show you the TRUE cost of building a pool with all of the items you will need to complete the project.

That being said, you can build a small concrete pool with some basic amenities for $65,000 or fully loaded pools with swim up bars, waterslides, spas and waterfalls for well over $150,000.   And everywhere in between!

The important thing to remember when getting a price from a builder is to make sure that they include EVERYTHING you need to build the pool and that they as the builder will be responsible for all the extra items you need.  The builder should include the electrical work, the water delivery, the rock extraction, the grading plan etc.    Dealing with those items can be a major headache in your custom pool building project.   So ensure that your builder will handle ALL of those items for you.

In summary, building a concrete in ground pool correctly will cost as low as $40,000 and as much as you can possibly dream.

Note:  There are ways to build a concrete pool for a few thousand less than what we just specified, but it usually involves using cheaper, more crack prone wet mix shotcrete, thinner rebar, non brand name quartz finish, or lower end equipment instead of Pentair.    We don’t recommend trying to get the price down by lowering the construction standards.

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