#1 In Ground Swimming Pool Builder in Lehigh County

Projected Cost Savings with Our Ultra Energy Efficient Pool Designs:

$44,000 saved in chemical, gas and electricity over 20 years

(Almost $2200 savings per year with a Monogram Hassle Free Pool and this doesn't even include the hours and hours of time you'll save.)

  • Pump Operating costs - $800 per year in energy savings in electricity alone. 2" suction lines (rather than 1 ",) sweep 90 elbows, a high efficiency/high flow cartridge filter with 90% less restriction, no complicated backwash valve, full flow 3 way valves, extra returns and supply lines and a detailed calculation to set your pump speed at the exact optimal speed.

  • Robotic Cleaner - $150+ savings in nasty, harsh chemicals and water per year. Our state of the art robotic cleaner doesn't just stir dirt around for your filter to collect (and require extra filter cleaning, chemicals, an inefficient booster pump and backwashing. A robotic cleaner will save thousands of gallons of water a year due to decreased filter backwashing.

  • Basic Chemicals - $850 savings in nasty, harsh chemicals per year (and this is on the low side!) pH up, algaecide, chlorine tablets, weekly shock, water clarifier. It is not uncommon to spend $40-$80 per week on chemicals alone. With our salt water chlorination system, you will need about $75 of muriatic acid a year and some scale preventer costs about $35. You also will occasionally need to add salt after rain storms or splash out. This will be about $60 a year. No weekly chlorine. No regular shock. No tablets. No algaecide. No waiting to swim after putting in chemicals. Normal pool chemicals = approx. $1000+ per year. Monogram salt water pools use about $150 of salt and pH adjuster per year.

  • Diatomaceous earth, water, and chemicals - $100 in annual savings in H2O, chemicals, & DE! Approximately every six weeks you will need to backwash a DE filter by pumping about 1000 gallons of pool water back through the filter to clean it. Most people do this 3-4 times a season and every time you backwash, you need to re-adjust the chemicals in the pool. No need to do this with our state of the art 2 stage cartridge filter.

  • LED pool lights vs. energy wasting incandescent - $100 in annual savings in electricity! Our ultra energy efficient LED lights will not only look better than old fashioned bulbs, but they will change colors, last 10x as long and save you about $100 per year over standard, 500w pool lights.

  • Sta Rite 400k Btu Heater - This equates to approximately $100 in annual gas savings! Our ultra energy efficient heater is the highest rated heater in its class.

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