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Monogram Custom Pools Blog

  • Aug 11

    Pool Builder Service in the Lehigh Valley

    Did you know that a pool builder’s reputation has more to do with how he/she handles customers AFTER the pool is completed rather than during the actual building process? Monogram is proud to be ranked in the top 5/12,500 pool builders in the USA for customer satisfaction. And that award didn’t come easy. Many pool…

  • Oct 10

    How NOT to build a pool waterfall

          This is an example of how NOT to build a waterfall next to a pool.   When you contract a builder for an expensive waterfall (these customers paid over $5,000,) make sure you have an idea of what you are getting.   Waterfalls should be built into the landscaping so that they blend in…

  • Oct 10

    The Secret to “Monogram Blue” pool finish

    Watch the video to learn the secret of our Monogram Blue exposed aggregate finish – and why it looks so good.

  • Dec 13

    How to Build an Energy Efficient Pool

    Monogram Custom Pools just received the award for “Excellence in Energy Efficiency” for one of our innovative, energy efficient pools.   If you are going to build a pool and don’t want to waste a lot of money on utilities (and use up to 90% LESS electricity), make sure you use the following equipment: 1.     …

  • Dec 05

    Cost of a concrete in ground pool in the NorthEast PA area built by a local pool builder

    One of the most popular questions we receive is: How much does a concrete in ground pool cost to build in Lehigh or Bucks County? And the answer to that question isn’t easy.   Some builders quote out their pools “stripped down” so although  the upfront price is low, you have to spend $15,000 or more…

  • Dec 01

    Steps to build a concrete in ground pool

    Summary Your pool construction process will take approximately 60 days from when we start digging (not including delays for weather or change orders) and can be divided into 3 main phases: Structural construction Plaster, tile, landscaping and concrete decking Clean up and completion The following will help you understand the construction and permitting stages of…

  • Sep 12

    Innovative Pool Technology

    Aqua Magazine just completed a national survey among pool builders to see what are the most significant innovations in the Pool and Spa industry in the past 10 years. Monogram has been using these “innovative” since we started building pools 9 years ago!   Summary of the article is below.. (which seems like a summary…

  • Jul 04

    How much does a concrete in ground pool cost

    One of the most popular questions we receive is: How much does a concrete in ground pool cost to build? And the answer to that question isn’t easy.    Some builders quote out their pools “stripped down” so although  the upfront price is low, you have to spend $10,000 or more on other items required to…

  • Jul 03

    Maintenance and Hassle of Owning a Typical In Ground Pool

     These are the normal “hassles” associated with owning a non automated pool Weekly testing of pH Weekly adding expensive pH adjustment chemicals Weekly testing of chlorine Weekly adding chlorine pucks to skimmers Weekly/Biweekly shocking pool with nasty chemicals Weekly manual pool vacuuming with hose and vacuum head Weekly cleaning of pump filter basket after manual…

  • Jul 03

    Lehigh Valley PA Pool Builder Comparison

    If you are thinking about a new pool, make sure you ask your builder these 50 questions… 1.     Do you get to work directly with the owner of local, respected company? 2.     Does the pool come with a lifetime pool shell warranty? 3.     Will you have the personal cell phone # of company owner? 4.    …

  • Feb 27

    Pool only builder vs. full service builder

    “Pool Only” builder vs. a full service builder that manages ALL aspects of your job   Do you want to hire a builder that forces you to manage the pool building project yourself or would you rather have a builder that manages EVERY aspect of your project and eliminates all the hassles?   When you…

  • Feb 27

    Tips for an Energy Efficient In Ground Concrete Pool

    These are some areas where you can save some significant money on electricity usage on your in ground pool: Pump Operating costs – $800 per year in energy savings in electricity alone by using the following components: 2” suction lines (rather than 1 ½”,) sweep 90° elbows, a high efficiency/high flow cartridge filter with 90%…

  • Feb 18

    Proper way to fill a new swimming pool with a quartz or pebble finish- Startup Tec

    Whenever we apply a quartz or exposed pebble type finish on a pool, we have found that the finish is much more uniform without streaks when we use a product called Startup Tec (I am not affiliated with them in any way.)    But our pools are consistently recognized because of their great finishes, and we…

  • Feb 18

    Swimming Pool Energy Efficiency in the Lehigh Valley

    How could something as simple as a pvc elbow improve pool efficiency and lower energy costs? Always use sweep 90° elbows instead of the more readily available standard 90° elbows wherever possible.   A standard 90° elbow adds the equivalent friction loss of about 6’ feet of straight pipe.   A sweep 90° lowers that friction loss…

  • Feb 18

    Pools and Safety – Summary of SVRS Intelliflo Pumps in Pennsylvania

    PUMPS AND SAFETY – THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF A POOL:   The Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Pool and Spa Safety Act was enacted by Congress and signed by President Bush on December 19, 2007.  The VGB law focuses on building pools that prevent children from getting trapped underwater by the suction from the main…

  • Jan 02

    Gunite Pool shell – how to make it stronger

    Most pool builders know the importance of a strong pool shell, but often low cost is typically more important than longevity, so some of the extra steps that can be used to increase pool shell strength are ignored. When gunite is shot, only about 65% of the actual cement is activated.   The other 35%…

  • Nov 19

    Diatomaceous Earth (DE) vs. Cartridge Filter

    FILTERS COMPARISON OF DIATOMACEOUS EARTH vs. CARTRIDGE FILTERS: Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters are used by most pool companies and are less expensive than the best cartridge filters, but they are a major hassle and an ongoing expense.   DE filters require monitoring of the filter pressure gauge and when the gauge exceeds a predefined limit,…

  • Nov 18

    Salt Water Chlorination vs. Old Fashioned Chlorine

    All pool water needs some form of sanitization.  Without it, the pool would be overridden with algae in a matter of days.  Sanitization can happen in 2 ways: By adding expensive, dangerous chemicals or through a natural salt water chlorination device. You can choose to add nasty, dangerous chemicals such as chlorine, or use an…

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