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Professional Associations

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    NPC Certified Pool Startup Technician

    The National Plasterers Council (NPC) created a certification program for pool builders and service technicians to utilize the nationally renowned NPC pool start-up method.

    The program itself consists of a day-long course focusing primarily on chemical start-ups in plaster pools. It’s based on a method the NPC developed in conjunction with industry professionals, and scientists at the National Pool Industry Research Center at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. NPC members have been using the recommended procedure for years.

    To qualify for the class, a student must be a member in good standing of an industry organization such as Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) or the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association (IPSSA). Students must then demonstrate their proficiency with a test kit, and pass a 60-minute written exam. Certified technicians must renew their certification every three years by taking an updated version of the exam.

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    Carecraft (as well as its Members) have become somewhat synonymous in the pool industry with its motto...Network...Buy Better...Have Fun! Carecraft members learn from each other by sharing information, combine purchases to allow for better buying power, and meet regularly to help find innovate ways to improve their businesses and the industry in general.

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    NESPA - Northeast Spa & Pool Association

    The Northeast Spa & Pool Association exists to create a professional climate in which to advance commercial activities, and to address the current and future needs of the pool and spa industry.

    In the late 1950s, members of the swimming pool industry in the northeast section of the U.S. banded together to form Northeast Swimming Pool Association (NESPA) to address their collective needs. The organization has been continuously engaged in promoting and protecting its members and educating them and raising their levels of competency in all phases of business activity.

    NESPA also serves as a source of product and safety information for the end consumer. For over forty years, NESPA has been affiliated with the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP). NESPA is also the owner and producer of the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show, one of the swimming pool industry's largest events. (This event typically draws over 9,000 people to Atlantic City for four days of educational, business and social activities each year.)

    NESPA's other "trademark" activity is the Professional Training Institute, which began as Hands-On-Training Institute in 1984. PTI offers the industry's broadest, most comprehensive training programs designed to upgrade professional skills in building, service, management and retail operations.

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    Pentair Advisory Council

    Monogram is the only builder in the area to be selected to be part of the exclusive "Pentair Advisory Council." We assist in new product development, beta test new technologies, and advise Pentair on market trends.

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    Lehigh Valley Builders' Association

    Monogram has received over 40+ awards for "Professional Excellence." We also subscribe to the contractor's code of ethics and have a perfect record with no complaints ever filed.

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    Lehigh University

    The owners of Monogram are actively involved in Lehigh University, were on the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association, and have received numerous awards including the prestigious "Alumni of the year award."

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    Pennsylvania Builders' Association

    Monogram is a member in good standing and has perfect record with zero complaints.

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    APSP – "The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals"

    The APSP is the world's largest international trade association representing the swimming pool, spa, hot tub and recreational water industries. APSP is the leading industry advocate promoting professional best practices through education, industry standards, and safety. APSP members adhere to a code of ethics in business and technical practices and share a strong commitment to the safe, healthful, and enjoyable use of industry products.

    The APSP effectively replaced another well-known industry organization known as "National Pool and Spa Institute" or NSPI in 2006.

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    APSP Member Code of Ethics

    All members of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals agree to observe and be dedicated to the following principles and policies:

    • To promote the concepts of free enterprise and service to the public and the industry.

    • To strive continually to gain respect for the industry, both in the local community and on the regional and national levels.

    • To contribute to the health, safety and welfare of the public in the installation, maintenance and operation of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs, and to comply with applicable laws, ordinances and regulations.

    • To support efforts to improve swimming pool, spa and hot tub products and services, and to encourage research and development of new materials, techniques and methods.

    • To avoid statements which will mislead customers in advertising and other efforts to sell products.

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    BBB – "Better Business Bureau"

    Monogram is proud to have an A+ rating with the BBB. The BBB is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and foster the highest ethical standards between companies and their customers in the areas of:

    • Dependable Service

    • Honesty In Advertising

    • Honest Business Practices

    • Reliable Complaint Handling Procedures

    Examples of services provided by the BBB are Business Reliability Reports, Dispute Resolution, Truth-in-Advertising, Consumer and Business Education and Charity Review. To be a member of the BBB, an applicant must:

    • Be invited to apply for membership by a staff person or Director of the Bureau.

    • Be actively engaged in business, in the BBB's service area, for no less than 6 months.

    • Supply background information about the company, its principals or other information deemed essential to the BBB.

    • Cooperate with the BBB's activities and efforts to promote voluntary self-regulation within the business industry.

    • Adhere to established BBB standards of advertising and selling, including the Code of Online Business Practices for online businesses that apply for the BBBOnLine Reliability logo, and cooperate with the BBB in matters relating thereto.

    • Promptly respond to any and all complaints forwarded by the BBB, and make good faith efforts to resolve all such complaints in accordance with generally accepted good business practices.

    • Comply with any decisions rendered through the Bureau's or an alternative provider's binding arbitration program.

    • Eliminate the underlying causes of patterns of consumer complaints that the BBB may call to the company's attention.

    • Be free from an unsatisfactory report at the BBB in whose service area the company is headquartered.

    • Be free from any governmental action concerning the marketplace and its customers that demonstrates a significant failure of the company to support the principals and purposes of the BBB.

    • Support the principles and purposes of the BBB and not engage in any activity that reflects unfavorably on the BBB and its members.

    • Refrain from using the name or logo of the BBB for commercial, sales or advertising purposes in any manner not specifically authorized in writing by the BBB.

    • Promptly notify the Bureau of any changes in ownership, licensing status, addresses, telephone numbers, web site and any other information deemed necessary by the Bureau.

    • Fulfill all licensing and bonding requirements of applicable city, county, state and federal agencies and authorities, and provide license numbers upon application for BBB membership and provide periodic updates on request of the BBB.

    Businesses earning the right to be included in this organization have a strong reputation of taking care of their customers.

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