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No Stagnant Pool Water With The Exclusive Monogram Circulation Package

No Stagnant water in Monogram Pools!

The key to energy efficient pool operation is proper water circulation. No matter how efficient of a pump is installed, if the water doesn't circulate through the entire pool, the pump will need to run longer and the water won't ever be completely filtered.

The left picture below shows the "Old Way" of circulation. Typically, only the top or upper layer of the pool water receives adequate circulation. The filtered water returns from the filter system in a straight, sometimes single jet. Warm heated water never truly gets all the way down to the bottom (how many times have you jumped into a "heated" pool only to be chilled from the waist down?) If you feel a temperature change, you are feeling STAGNANT water. In addition,our system will help to lift dirt & debris off the floor & up into the rest of the water where the skimmer and floor drain can take the dirt into the filter to be trapped & removed.

The right picture shows the Monogram circulation package. The heated & sanitized water is able to penetrate all the way down into those otherwise "dead zones" of your pool. Dirt & fine debris are more efficiently lifted up. Algae & bacteria killing & controlling sanitizers are forced into those areas where they like to grow & breed, eventually causing cloudy and green water. Now your filter system can do more of the cleaning work so you won't have to. You'll be able to spend more of your time enjoying your pool with less "hassles." This ultra efficient circulation package is included on ALL Monogram Standard and Ultimate pools.

  • The "Old Way" of circulation with Stagnant Water:

  • The Monogram circulation package:

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