#1 In Ground Swimming Pool Builder in Lehigh County

Summary Of The "Engineered Energy Efficient, Hassle-Free Inground Pool"­

  • No hidden extras! Rock removal, engineering, grading plan, water, permits, and all electrical work performed by Monogram's licensed electrician are ALL included.

  • A "swimmable" 3D virtual pool design will be created for you to preview your pool.

  • Lifetime limited warranty on pool shell, 10 year manufacturer's warranty on quartz finishes, and 3 years (Labor and Material) on all equipment provided by Pentair.

  • All pools include an advanced filtration system that requires only 1 cleaning at the end of the season and provides crystal clear water.

  • A salt water chlorination system is standard so you never need to add chlorine.

  • An automation system is included on every automated pool (with an advanced, iPhone ®Â­controllable system included on the Ultimate+ package.)

  • Energy saving LED light fixtures (color changing) are standard.

  • The most energy efficient, quietest pool pump in the World is included (which can save $900+ a year in energy costs) and includes the critical SVRS anti entrapment system.

  • An ultra-energy efficient robotic pool cleaner is included.

  • The exclusive Monogram ultra efficient "free heat" circulation system to help save chemicals, reduce energy usage, lower chemical consumption and increase the life of your pool pump.

  • Numerous special "Monogram touches" such as a "sacrificial anode" to prevent oxidation and sweep 90º elbows (from California) for improved energy efficiency.

  • The Ultimate+ package option also includes: full remote pool monitoring by Monogram. We monitor and manage all pump, automation, pH, chlorine generation, and overall functionality of your pool remotely. In the event of a problem, you will be emailed immediately. In addition, all chlorine production from your salt water generator and pH balancing is done AUTOMATICALLY by your "Ultimate Hassle Free+" system. Only Monogram offers this.

Spend time enjoying your pool rather than working on it. These chores are all eliminated with the Monogram Ultimate+ hassle free pool:

  • Weekly testing of pH

  • Weekly adding expensive pH adjustment chemicals

  • Weekly testing of chlorine

  • Weekly adding chlorine pucks to skimmers

  • Weekly/Biweekly shocking pool with nasty chemicals

  • Weekly manual pool vacuuming with hose and vacuum head

  • Weekly cleaning of pump filter basket after manual vacuuming

  • Weekly adding of harsh algaecide

  • Weekly scrubbing of scum line off waterline tile

  • Monthly filter backwashing

  • Monthly adding diatomaceous earth after backwashing

  • Monthly adding water back to pool after backwashing

  • Monthly full chemical rebalance due to added water from backwashing

  • pH and sanitizer adjustments are all done automatically without your involvement.

  • The wall scrubbing robot cleans your pool so you don't have to.

  • You never, ever have to backwash your filter or mess with diatomaceous earth.

Rather than spending hours and hours working on your pool, you can spend that time enjoying it!

We've completely engineered your pool to take out the hassles of pool ownership.

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