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The Monogram Hassle-Free Pool Design Process:

At Monogram, we don’t just buy the cheapest pool parts and throw them together to build a pool. We look at every single aspect of your pool design and completely

Summary of our pool mechanical design process:

  • We analyze the conditions of your lot and look at wind speed to determine skimmer placement.

  • We engineer the entire plumbing system to ensure the least possible amount of friction loss.

  • We include extra supply and return lines to further minimize total system head.

  • We use oversized pipe to eliminate unnecessary increases in pressure.

  • We always use sweep 90 ® elbows to cut restriction in half.

  • We use only the most energy efficient pumps, filters and heaters.

  • We use robotic cleaners to eliminate extra wear and tear on your pump and filter.

  • Our gunite, quartz finish and steel rebar exceed even the highest industry standards.

  • We engineer our steel structure to compensate for different soil types.

Every pool gets set up with a flow meter so we can accurately measure the actual water flow through your system. We then input this data into our custom built software program that determines the most efficient pump RPM speed for your pool. This data allows us to accurately set your pump speed to use the lowest energy possible (often times 80% less than other single speed pumps.) NOBODY else offers an engineered pool like a Monogram Engineered Hassle Free Pool.

The exclusive Monogram flow meter used to ensure precise energy efficiency:

monogram flow meter
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