How to Build an Energy Efficient Pool

How to Build an Energy Efficient Pool

Monogram Custom Pools just received the award for “Excellence in Energy Efficiency” for one of our innovative, energy efficient pools. If you are going to build a pool and don’t want to waste a lot of money on utilities (and use up to 90% LESS electricity), make sure you use the following equipment:

  1. Hydronic heat pumps which provide 185k-200k btu per $1.00 spent, result in a $2000 per year savings over energy hogging, polluting gas heaters
  2. LED pool lights use 75% less power and can save $100+ per year
  3. Variable speed pumps (with motors like used in hybrid automobiles) that are certified by PPL to use 70-90% less electricity than a traditional pump.   This is an additional  $700-$900 per year savings
  4. Sweep 90 degree elbows (over 100 of them on each pool) which create 50% less back pressure than regular elbows and allow the pump to push more water at lower wattage
  5. Full 2” valves, 2” oversized pipe, and extra returns are also used to eliminate as much pressure as possible which also help the pump efficiency
  6. A 500sf cartridge filter which adds only 2psi of back pressure is used rather than a diatomaceous earth filter (which adds over 15psi of back pressure) to further improve efficient water flow
  7. A full iPhone controlled automation system that automatically turns off devices if left on too long also with the ability to monitor pool power consumption, heating control, and all chemical levels.  This allows customers to easily turn on and off heaters/light

By combining all of the above energy efficient pool building techniques, you can be sure that your pool will use as little energy as possible.  Make sure your pool contractor or pool builder understands how to build an energy efficient pool whether it is in the Bucks County, PA area or anywhere in the USA.

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