Pool Builder Service in the Lehigh Valley

pool builder service in the lehigh valley

Did you know that a pool builder’s reputation has more to do with how he/she handles customers AFTER the pool is completed rather than during the actual building process? Monogram is proud to be ranked in the top 5/12,500 pool builders in the USA for customer satisfaction. And that award didn’t come easy.

Many pool builders only stick around until they get their final check (when the pool is filled). And then they turn your over to an independent service company that only makes money by charging you for service calls. This type of pool builder has no in house service and doesn’t have the ability to maintain and service your pool after it is built. Some builders don’t even teach you about your pool as they get an independent service company to perform “Pool School” with their customers! The service companies don’t charge the pool builder for this because they know that they will get to charge the customer for all future service calls, as that is the only way they make money.

For example, let’s say your pool pump shuts off a few months after your pool is completed. And it won’t start back up. So you call your pool builder who tells you “sorry, even though we just built your pool, you need to call someone else. We don’t service pools after they are built.” So you call the independent service company you were handed off to and they come out and find that a pool toy was sucked into the skimmer. You then get a bill from the service company for $95, because they need to recoup the expense of doing your “pool school” for free. And the only way they make money is to bill you for service. And every time you need your builder to help you during this “learning curve,” you pay another $95.

Monogram has an in house, factory trained service team. We never “nickel and dime” you, and we personally manage ALL aspects of your pool construction and are there for you after the sale. We never pass you off to an independent third party and we firmly believe that our award winning customer service needs to last LONG after your pool is completed. Customer service only starts during the pool build. The real testament to customer service comes from the years that follow and how quickly and painlessly the builder responds to your questions and issues.  We wouldn’t have received this honor if we passed you off to a third party. Before you build a pool in the Lehigh Valley (or anywhere,) make sure you ask your builder how he/she handles service after the pool is completed.

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Tony Caciolo

Tony Caciolo is the President of Monogram Custom Homes and pools and has completed over 1500 projects in Lehigh, Northampton, and Bucks County

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