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A Comparison of Saltwater Pools vs Chlorine

All pool water needs some form of sanitization. Without it, the pool would be overridden with algae in a matter of days. Sanitization can happen in 2 ways: By adding expensive, dangerous chemicals or through a natural salt water chlorination device. You can choose to add chemicals such as chlorine or use an automated salt water system that generates its own ultra-pure sanitizer and makes the water more comfortable. Monogram FIRMLY believes in the salt water method, and it is what 100% of our customers choose.

In 2002, only 15% of new pool installations were salt water. Today, an estimated 70% of all new pools are being built with salt water chlorine generators and the nation has more than 1.3 million salt water pools. It was introduced to the swimming pool market in the 1970's in Australia and has been gaining popularity ever since.

Why have salt water pools become so popular?

  • Swimmers love the soft, silky feel of salt water.

  • There is only 1 teaspoon of salt added per gallon of water, so it is virtually undetectable.

  • Salt water is gentler on eyes and skin compared with traditionally sanitized pools.

  • The pool water is constantly "shocked" as it passes the salt water cell, so the need for shocking the pool with harsh chemicals is virtually eliminated.

  • The average savings are $80-$100 per month on harsh chemicals such as chlorine and shock.

  • Salt water pools are infinitely easier to maintain.

  • Every single salt water system we have installed has resulted in 100% satisfaction.

Who doesn't like salt water chlorination systems?

  • Pool retailers, who's sales of higher-margin chemicals have been replaced by inexpensive, low-margin commodity salt.

  • Pool builders who don't understand the system and haven't been certified by various salt water chlorination companies like Monogram has. If a pool builder tries to talk you out of salt water, you really need to question their technical understanding of the system.


Monogram uses exclusively Pentair Intellichlor Salt Water Chlorination systems on every Standard and Ultimate pool we build. We don't believe in buying expensive, dangerous chemicals and dealing with all the hassles that surround them. We use salt water systems in our personal pools and have installed them in almost all of our friends' pools. And everyone loves them.

Some interesting facts on the Salt Water chlorination process:

The salinity of the human body is around 6000 ppm. If the body is placed in fresh water, osmosis occurs through our skin and eye membranes which is irritating and a cause of discomfort.The effect of this is much reduced in a salt pool because the osmotic effect through our biological membranes is reduced. The ocean has a salinity level of 35,000 ppm, while a salt water pool is only 3400 ppm. And since the salt level of the pool is about ½ of the human body salinity level, the salt is virtually undetectable (except for the lack of shriveling skin and red eyes when you are in a salt water pool!)

If you decide to include the Monogram Ultimate+ "Hassle Free" pool package, your chlorination system will be even simpler to use. 2 levels which need regular monitoring in your pool are pH and sanitizer. If the sanitizer level isn't high enough you need to increase the output setting on the salt water cell. If the pH is too high, you need to add acid to bring it to around 7.4. But on our Ultimate+ "Hassle Free" package, chlorine level and pH are AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTED FOR YOU. As needed, the system will automatically inject pH down into the pool water to keep the pH in balance. It will also increase or decrease sanitizer production based on the automatically measured sanitizer level. You will never have to measure or add harsh chlorine, shock, or acid to your pool again! It is all monitored, measured, generated, and dispensed automatically for you.

Monogram also includes an exclusive oversized 15 gallon sealed acid tank on our Ultimate+ system that we replace each year when we open your pool. No need for you to ever touch acid!

In addition, Monogram will have the ability to remotely monitor all aspects of your pool, including these important levels. If something goes out of adjustment, you will be immediately emailed from our remote monitoring service.

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