Gunite Pool shell – how to make it stronger

concrete pool being shot

Most pool builders know the importance of a strong pool shell, but often low cost is typically more important than longevity, so some of the extra steps that can be used to increase pool shell strength are ignored.

When gunite is shot, only about 65% of the actual cement is activated.   The other 35% is wasted and never hardens. There are procedures that can be used to ensure that 95% of the cement activates, so you should always ensure that your pool builder is using these techniques.

Advantages of 95% cement activation:

  • At least 30-40% stronger than normal gunite pool  (often testing over 5000psi)
  • 100% waterproof because 95% of the cement has been activated rather than only 65%
  • Less prone to shrinkage cracks because of the extra strength
  • Less prone to water seepage from groundwater due to the shell being 100% waterproof
  • Less prone to cracks from rebar rusting since the water can’t seep through to the rebar

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