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Aqua Magazine just completed a national survey among pool builders to see what are the most significant innovations in the Pool and Spa industry in the past 10 years. Monogram has been using these “innovative” since we started building pools 9 years ago!

Summary of the article is below.. (which seems like a summary of Monogram’s specification sheet):

What would you say is the most important product innovation in the last 10 years and why?

Variable-speed pumps, because.

  • They have come of age and are now competitively priced.
  • We’ve known for years it’s better for the pools to be circulating 24/7. Now people are able to do this affordably.
  • Energy savings. And they’ve raised awareness of the importance of proper hydraulics.
  • It gives the customer an option, within the same brand of product. If a customer has a round dial clock, the variable speed pump has freeze protection built in.
  • They have changed the way pool builders and service technicians analyze and discuss water movement.
  • Tremendous energy savings.
  • Variable speed motors are the most important, but the problem is the cost — what is the payback for the consumer with a pool season of less than 120 days a year! — Northeast Region

Field Communications/mobile computing, because.

  • It has allowed for people that work in the field to keep up with emails, invoices, and work orders.
  • What would I do without my cell, go find a pay phone?

Reliable salt water chlorination systems, because.

  • I’ve sold the hell out of ‘em.
  • They have increased end users knowledge of the importance of proper water chemistry.

Advanced controls, because.

  • You can monitor and control swimming pool and spa functions remotely through a smartphone, iPad, and computer.
  • They make the pool area much more energy efficient.

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