Lehigh Valley PA Pool Builder Comparison

How to Build an Energy Efficient Pool

If you are thinking about a new pool, make sure you ask your builder these 50 questions.

  1. Do you get to work directly with the owner of local, respected company?
  2. Does the pool come with a lifetime pool shell warranty?
  3. Will you have the personal cell phone # of company owner?
  4. Does the company have perfect Better Business Bureau record and 0 customer lawsuits?
  5. Are there high pressure commissioned sales people bugging you?
  6. Is there an absurd payment schedule?
  7. Does the builder use gunite instead of a cheaper, more crack prone  wet shotcrete shell?
  8. Is rebar included in all steps to prevent cracking and 25″ rebar overlap at splices?
  9. Is crystal clear water delivered to fill your new pool included?
  10. Is an electrician included and all electrical wire hook up to house?
  11. Do they include the custom made, exclusive Pebble waterline tile?
  12. Are all permits and all township paperwork included?
  13. Is a grading plan and plot plan required by township included?
  14. Does the builder use stainless steel light niches instead of cheaper leak prone plastic?
  15. Is silt and safety fence around pool as required by township included?
  16. Is a poured concrete pad for equipment (not just set on ground) included?
  17. Is full equibond safety bonding around pool as required by township included?
  18. Are adjustable, calibrated, color matched floor returns included?
  19. Is the builder one of the Top 50 pool builders in the USA?
  20. Is a 3d pool design included and virtual video tour uploaded to the internet included?
  21. Is a “Free heat “circulation package (extra floor returns) included?
  22. Is respreading of any remaining topsoil after excavation included?
  23. Are 2 days of rock removal included? Not just 1 day ($6000)
  24. Are sweep 90 elbows for high efficiency included?
  25. Are finish filled drain covers included so you don’t have white plastic drains showing?
  26. Is the builder ranked in the top 5 in the USA for customer satisfaction?
  27. Will you receive a custom energy analysis certification?
  28. Do you get free chemicals for first season (acid, salt, etc.)?
  29. Are extra check valves to extend heater life included?
  30. Is an Intellichlor bypass winter cell included?
  31. Will you enjoy $44,000 in energy and chemical savings over 20 years?
  32. Is a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on LABOR AND MATERIALS on all equipment included?
  33. Is there a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the Quartz finish?
  34. Is an Intelliflo variable speed pump that uses 90% less energy ($800+ savings yearly) included?
  35. Is a “once a year cleaning” cartridge Sta Rite filter included with no backwashing?
  36. Is rebound gunite waste shoveled out of pool and not used in structural areas?
  37. Is an oversized Pentair salt water chlorination system included?
  38. Does the builder use Startup TEC PK3 for a longer lasting, more uniform finish?
  39. Is a sacrificial zinc anode included for ultimate protection?
  40. Is a state of the art wall and tile scrubbing robotic cleaner included?
  41. Are Led color changing pool light(s) for ultra energy efficiency included?
  42. How many Led pool lights are included?
  43. Is a full automation system included for true remote control, automated control?
  44. Are weighted, non-floating skimmer baskets with handle to prevent blockage included?
  45. If a spa is included, are the jets ultra massaging hydrotherapy?
  46. Does the pool include a time tested, proven iPhone control system?
  47. Will your pool builder remotely monitor your essential pool chemicals for free for life?
  48. Does the pool require manually testing pH and chlorine?
  49. Does the builder really charge over $1000 per year to “service” your pool?
  50. Has the builder ever won the BBB award for excellence in customer service?
  51. Is the pool really “hassle free” and require no nasty manual chemicals?

When comparing pools from other more “old fashioned” pool builders, use the above list to help you compare “apples to apples,” which often times is more like “apples to oranges.”

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