Maintenance and Hassle of Owning a Typical In Ground Pool

pool chemicals

 These are the normal “hassles” associated with owning a non automated pool

  • Weekly testing of pH
  • Weekly adding expensive pH adjustment chemicals
  • Weekly testing of chlorine
  • Weekly adding chlorine pucks to skimmers
  • Weekly/Biweekly shocking pool with nasty chemicals
  • Weekly manual pool vacuuming with hose and vacuum head
  • Weekly cleaning of pump filter basket after manual vacuuming
  • Weekly adding of harsh algaecide
  • Weekly scrubbing of scum line off waterline tile
  • Monthly filter backwashing
  • Monthly adding diatomaceous earth after backwashing
  • Monthly adding water back to pool after backwashing
  • Monthly full chemical rebalance due to added water from backwashing

ALL of the above manual tasks are eliminated with an Ultimate+ Hassle Free Pool!

  • pH and sanitizer adjustments are all done automatically without your involvement.
  • The wall scrubbing robot cleans your pool so you don’t have to.
  • You never, ever have to backwash your filter or mess with diatomaceous earth
  • None of the nasty chemicals ever need to be handled by you!

Rather than spending hours and hours working on your pool, you can spend that time enjoying it!

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