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“Pool Only” builder vs. a full service builder that manages ALL aspects of your job

Do you want to hire a builder that forces you to manage the pool building project yourself or would you rather have a builder that manages EVERY aspect of your project and eliminates all the hassles?

When you are interviewing “Pool only” builders, make sure to ask what is actually included.  Many require you to hire and coordinate:

A surveyor/engineering  – You will be required to hire and pay approx. $2000 to an engineer to plot your property, draw the pool, and ensure that your plans are completed to township code.  Do you really want to hire and manage an engineer?  Monogram takes care of this and all costs are included in our pricing.  We verify all setback lines, confirm code compliance, and prepare the CAD files of the pool for the engineer/surveyor. No work, risk, or expense on your part.

A fence installer – You will be required to hire, confirm layout, and pay for a fence installer on your own.  Monogram handles this important aspect of your pool and because of our buying power, we can ensure that you get the best, American made fence at the lowest price that conforms with all building codes.

Electrician – You will be required by other builders to get bids and hire your own electrician.   That means when there is an electrical problem, the burden is on YOU, the customer, to call your electrician to troubleshoot and diagnose the problems.  Because of Monogram’s 20 year experience as a home builder, we INSIST on managing this critical part of the job.  Our licensed and trained electricians will complete the job to our specifications and we will manage all inspections and code compliance.  All electrical costs are included in our proposal.

Water Delivery – Other builders make you purchase the truckloads of required water on your own, schedule delivery, and ensure that they fill the pool correctly.  At Monogram, we not only manage all of that, but the costs are completely included in your total pool price.

At Monogram, we believe that you hired us to build the entire pool and not just part of it.  Scheduling workers, inspecting and guaranteeing their workmanship, ensuring safety and code compliance should be the BUILDER’S job, not the homeowner’s.  When you have ANY questions on your pool location, electrical functionality, or code compliance, you have single point accountability with Monogram.  There is no need for you to chase subcontractors that you were forced to hire on your own.

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Tony Caciolo

Tony Caciolo is the President of Monogram Custom Homes and pools and has completed over 1500 projects in Lehigh, Northampton, and Bucks County

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