Proper way to fill a new swimming pool with a quartz or pebble finish- Startup Tec

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Whenever we apply a quartz or exposed pebble type finish on a pool, we have found that the finish is much more uniform without streaks when we use a product called Startup Tec (I am not affiliated with them in any way.)    But our pools are consistently recognized because of their great finishes, and we attribute much of it to Startup Tec.   So if you are thinking about building a new swimming pool (in the Allentown area or beyond) make SURE your builders uses a product to minimize startup up plaster dust such as Start up TeC

How it works:

Startup-Tec is a powerful, multi-polymer formula utilizing advanced polymer technologies. This unique formula is non-acidic and can be safely added during the initial pool water filling to immediately prevent the formation of damaging plaster dust.  Damaging dust can form on the curing surfaces as calcium and hydroxides transports to the surface edge causing water pH to increase above 8.3 where calcium is in insoluble and quickly precipitates to form calcium carbonate. Startup Tec multi-polymers synergistically and strongly sequesters calcium to block and prevent it formation over a broad pH range. The product’s powerful anionic dispersion and sequestration properties also provide for effective dispersion of plaster cream exposure of quartz and pebble type aggregates without the need for additional acid washing or acid circulation.

Features and Benefits of our Exclusive Startup Tec Treatment:

  • Prevents and removes most plaster dust formation on all types of finishes.
  • Minimizes mineral scaling, mottling discoloration and surface staining issues.
  • Minimizes tedious surface brushing to remove plaster dust.
  • Helps create a more uniform exposed quartz/pebble finish.
  • Creates a much smoother finish.

Let us know if you have another product that works as well…we haven’t found anything yet.

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